Blackdome Music Festival

Blackdome Music Festival - Windham, NY - July 28-29, 2018


Saturday, July 28

2:30pm          Blackdome Educates Series:  A Talk on the Guitar by Robert "Cue" Gerhards
Venue:           Windham Civic Center

With extensive experience as a woodworker, finisher, luthier and musician, Robert "Cue" Gerhards of Gerhards Guitarworks discusses the careful attention and detail that goes in to making and restoring guitars, including the types of wood used and how this affects tonality qualities of the guitar.  Q&A to follow.

4:00pm          Blackdome Supports Series:  featuring local artists
Venue:           The Windham Local

                       4:00 - EMILY SMITH
                       4:30 - CUE GERHARDS
                       5:15 - JAMES HEARNE

8:00pm          CONCERT featuring   
                       KEELAN DONOVAN
                       SAM MOSS
                       THE HUDSON DUSTERS          

Venue:           Windham Civic Center

Tickets for the evening concert can be purchased HERE

Sunday, July 29

Blackdome Kids Series: A Family Concert

11:00am          Michael Hearst presents CURIOUS, UNUSUAL & EXTRAORDINARY!
Venue:           Windham Civic Center

Quirky author and composer Michael Hearst presents songs about Unusual Creatures, Extraordinary People, and Curious Constructions geared to curious families, extraordinary children and their unusual friends. The show draws from Michael Hearst's highly successful series of books, albums and PBS series. It is an unusually-geeky A/V presentation of some of the most bizarre animals that roam the planet, odd and daring characters, and structures sometimes stranger than Opus 40 - using such odd-ball instruments as theremin, claviola, and stylophone. Fun for the whole family!

Event is Free and open to the public